Responding to the Positives

Customers visit hotels, restaurants and pubs in the hope and expectation of an enjoyable experience. ¬†When that enjoyable experience is delivered customers often want to thank the venue, whether that’s by direct contact, on review sites or by using social media.

We conducted a survey of 200 hotels and restaurants in the south-west of England to measure just how many actually acknowledged the positive feedback that customers had left them. We found that of the 75 hotels we checked only 14 thanked every customer for their kind feedback. Of the 75 restaurants we checked only 12 thanked every customer for their positive feedback and of the 50 pubs, only 7 thanked their customers.

When an experience goes badly it’s important that hoteliers, restaurant owners and publicans respond quickly to try and mitigate the problem. But negative reviews shouldn’t receive more attention than the positive ones, that in itself just encourages more negativity.

Instead remember to thank every customer who leaves feedback on Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor and wherever else is appropriate. Forgetting to thank positive feedback can very easily, and often does, turn a positive experience into a negative for what might otherwise have been a loyal customer.

Our reputation management package does all of this, we alert you to reviews left across tens of different sites. We may contact you urgently to get a response to a negative review, but we also make sure that you never forget to respond to the positives.