Guided by yourselves, we will write content in advance for your web-site so that you can pre-approve and make any changes which you feel appropriate. We will then update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your blog with around three posts every week for each platform. There are some businesses, such as restaurants who post specials menus, who would be best suited to daily posts. There is no extra charge for this.

The annual charge for this service is £2,400. The sum is charged monthly at £200, chargeable one month in advance and this can be cancelled at any stage with no minimum contract term.



We specialise in providing in-depth mystery shops. This is charged at around £150 per visit, plus reimbursements.

We can also complete difficult to fill mystery shops for third party companies, usually charged at around £100 per day, plus reimbursements.



We will install a reputation management system into your business which gives you a password limited area which performs a number of different functions.

It ensures that there is the appropriate amount of correspondence between your business and your customer, for hotels it checks that customers are enjoying their stay when they’re on site and it also allows them to leave feedback after leaving your site. It also monitors numerous different sites to see what feedback has been left, which we can either respond to directly or liaise with yourselves.

We can also manage your social media so that there are regular updates to your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with content that is actually useful to customers and not dull copy.

This service varies in price depending on the location, but is generally around £3,000 per year. The charge is though monthly and there is no minimum contract period.