Mystery Shopping

We offer mystery shopping services for the hospitality industry and tourist attractions. These mystery shops are not intended to be simple snapshot audits of a business, but instead are in-depth reviews of a location.

These reports are primarily commissioned by individuals or businesses who want a detailed impression of an outlet that they might be interested in purchasing. We recommend that we visit on two separate occasions to get additional feedback about a location, which is primarily focused around the customer service experience and integrity testing. We also report back on the condition and cleanliness of the location, but the main emphasis is to measure the current state of a hotel, restaurant or pub.

We also perform mystery shops for hotel, restaurant and pub operators who want an in-depth report on one of their own locations. This would include monitoring the staff performance, the customer experience and also measuring whether brand standards are being met.

We don’t have the facility to cope with mystery shopping of large numbers of outlets in a chain, but are more often used to provide a report on individual locations which might not be performing as expected or which require additional attention.

A report typically costs around £150 plus reimbursements and is sent to the client same-day. We help shape the questions in the report depending on the client’s requirements.