Can I See the Menu?

One of the questions that we ask customers on behalf of our hotel and restaurant clients is “were you able to see the menu in advance of your visit?”.

Over 65% of customers were not able to see an up-to-date menu, a figure much higher at restaurants located within hotels. We also asked customers how important it is to see a menu in advance of their visit and the vast majority (over 95%) believe it is either “essential” or “highly desirable”.

For restaurants the menu should be visible whether on the web-site or on social media sites such as Facebook. These should be kept up-to-date and there should also be regular updates with regards to specials. Using social media to explain and display images of specials not only tempts customers in but it reminds them of the restaurant’s existence.

It is possibly even more important for hotels to offer clear menus, with pricing, on their web-site, on social media and also in the hotel room. Keeping customers within the hotel is already difficult enough and they should be tempted  by the in-house dining options and not have to make an effort to ascertain what the options are.

As part of our monthly reputation management package we stay on top of all of these elements for you. For hotels we ensure that your dining options are clearly displayed and branded to maximise the numbers of customers that dine internally. For restaurants we ensure that your menus are up-to-date across web-sites and social media, look appealing and that customers are tempted by the options available.