We are a reputation management company specialising in the hospitality and tourist industries.

We can manage social media for hospitality companies, to ensure that fresh and relevant content is visible to customers on a regular basis. This ensures that social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram are taken care of, with high quality content written by us, in conjunction for hospitality companies.

We also provide mystery shopping for hospitality businesses, focusing on problem sites or those which are being considered for purchase. Our reports are designed to be in-depth and thorough, not quick snapshot views of a business. All our mystery shoppers have qualifications or experience in the hospitality industry.

We also manage reputation on sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook. We put systems in place which allow customers to provide feedback after their meal, drink, hotel stay or visit to a tourist attraction, designed to minimise any negative feedback. Where there are negative reviews, we will alert you and recommend on how best to respond.